Prior Generations

Don's Upbringing

Cherryville - Grandpa's Farm.

Henley Beach - Home of the Aunties

Mt.Schank - Dad's brother's farm.

Thomson's - Grandpa's wife's family.

Unclassified - Yet to be identified..



Don's Memories of his Mother

Don's Childhood Memories

The Next Generation

Life in England.

Neil's Trip to Adelaide - Feb '13.



David Magnus BADGER, Charles BROWN, Charles BURNSIDE.
Auntie Sis, Auntie Nance, Auntie Barbara with Donald, Ian & Malcolm, Auntie Effie & Auntie Beat

  Point of interest, Uncle Charlie is hidden away at the back of the picture because he had crashed the Studebaker not long before and was nursing a broken leg. Photo taken by Bill Brown at Cherryville, Xmas 1958.  
Don's family came from South Australia, necessitating bi-annual summer holiday trips to Adelaide in searing summer temperatures before air-conditioning was a standard feature of the automobile. Don Badger authored a family history "David Badger - Preacher, Pioneer, Patriach " in 1985 from which I have drawn for historical information..

Prior Generations


The seven Thomson sisters.

Grace, Maggie, Flora, Nellie, Jessie, Lena & Beatrice.

Maggie Knox - Don's mother died when the twins were three years old lesaving the the sisters to combine to raise the three boys.
Beatrice Victoria Flora

Grace Etheldina

Became a missionary with Auntie Lena.

Magdalene Beveridge

Became a missionary with Auntie Grace.

Jessie May

Lived with Dave & the twins from her mid-twenties till marrying Ken Mellor.

Nellie Anita

On the verandah at Black Forest, Auntie Beat, Olga, Grandpa, Patricia, Auntie Sis, Sue & Uncle Charlie.

The gang at Adelaide airport, presumably picking up or dropping off Don, that would have been an interesting car trip.


Don's Upbringing

Don's Childhood Recollections

Don with his motherMaggie Knox Maggie Knox with Don & the twins.
Don Last photo of Lloyd, Don & Neil, taken by Auntie Jessie on 27/12/1940
Auntie Grace with the boys at Graham Place, Prospect. Grandpa, Uncle jack & Uncle Arch
  Don, Neil, Lloyd & Grandpa.
Neil, Grandpa, Lloyd Unknown, Auntie Beat, Auntie Sis & Uncle Charlie with Don & the twins.
Don & John in the Rugby 1933 The Rugby at Burnbrae, Belair
Keith Martin, John Wright, Geoff Broomham & Don going fox hunting on the York Peninsula.
Base camp.

Don, Geoff & Keith

Local farmer Bevan gives Don a hand to skin a fox under the watchful eye of Geoff. Don preparing more decoratuions for the car.


Between the OLD ROAD and Grandpa's house was a driveway that ran along the front of the house and down to the shed pretty much parallel to the Old Rd.The Old Road was the main road in back then, the road named Cherryville road was a dirt track that ran up behind the house. The track that ran down from the old road directly below the tennis court , ran down the ridge and was surrounded by cherry trees off to both sides. WEhere it appears to run out near the bottom of the photo it switched back sharply as it worked its way down the very steep hills to the creek and then up Marble Hill toward the Governor's summer mansion. The mansion and up to the old road was totally burnt out on Black Sunday in 1954. The red Googel A in the photo is where the old one room school still stands, see photos of my trip. Just below that was a house that contained the switchboard for the party line phone system, the nerve and gossip centre of the village. There were no shops or facilities apart from the school and the church.

Grandpa's cottage, from the driveway. Grandpa, Auntie Beat, Uncle Charlie, Auntie Sis on the path that climbed up behind the house.
Grandpa's house from Cherryville, twin roofs to the right are the sheds. Cherryville from Grandpa's front yard. Church is down on church road .(duhh)
Patricia, Kelley, Susan, Neil, Margaret B.& Margaret.F. on functioning truck outside stone sheds.

Henley Beach

  The Aunties house from Henley Beach. Backyard of the Henley house with Olga & Trish, Neil & Margaret with Aunities Sis & Nance.
  This was all that was left of the Glenelg Jetty after a heavy storm. The aquarium & Kiosk. The remains are graduallybeing dismantled as it is too expensive to repair. Aunitie Sis, Uncle Charlie, Auntie Nancy, Auntie Effie ??, Auntie Grace, Auntie Jessie & Auntie Lena sitting.

Olga, Uncle Charlie, Auntie Sis, Grandpa, Auntie Beat, Barbara, Auntie Nance, Marg & kelly's Mum Nancy & her father, Uncle Arch.

Margaret, Neil, Margaret & Kelly.

What could be nicer than lunch on the beach ?


Early shots of Mt. Schank from the air.
Margaret, Neil & Geoff annoying the cows.  
Geoffrey in door of milking shed.  
  Neil playing against Margaret, Patricia and Susan.
LLoyd, Jenny, Rosy, Christine. Sue, Geoff & Trish in boat; Janice, Christine & Jenny.
Janice, margaret, Rosemary, Neil, Geofrey Rosie, Christine, Janice & Geoffrey
MT Schank View from Mt Schank.
Janice showing her feminine side. A pleasant day at the beach. Janoce with back to camera, Lloyd, Sue, Neil, Patricia, Thelma, Rosie, Christine, Jenny, Margaret, Olga & Geoff.
The mob come to Sydney. Lloyd, JAniceRosie, Olga, Sue, Patricia, Margaret, Jenny, Thelma, Geooff & Neil cut out of shot. August 1959 Going down the scenic railway. August 1959, scared the wits out of Olga.
Photo taken by Neil with first camera, Geoff, Rosie, Lloyd, Thelma, Jenny, Janice & Christine out the front of Epping Ave., just before leaving in August holidays, 1959.  

Lloyd & Thelma at Port Macdonnell .



As pictured above the seven Thomson sisters. Grandpa married Maggie Knox and they had three children before she died.

Grace, Maggie, Flora, Nellie, Jessie, Magdalene & Beatrice.

Lena & Grace obscuring two in background. Jessie in foreground with Rosemary behind ?.

On the beach at Henley.

Back Row. Max & Gary. Middle. Olga, Patricia, Auntie Jessie & Margaret.

Front Row. Sue, Susan, Lynee & Rosemary.

Max moves behind the lens and Don joins the shot.

On the verandah at Graham Place . Joan Worthley, Peter Mellor, Rosemary Mellor. and the kids,

Andrew Mellor; Jac, Jill, Pam & Paul. (July 1958 before Peter went East on deputation.)

Googled the old address and there it is in 2012.
Patricia, Sue, Pam, Jac or Jill, Paul

Picnic in the park on the outskirts of London.Can't recall who the mob at the back are. I believe that is Genevieve Allen, a Thomson cousin.

We had 13 in the car that day. The 6 Worthleys, front left, the 6 Badgers & Cousin Jean, front right.

Worthley's backyard in Beckenham. Auntie Joan, Jac over her right shoulder, Jill beside her, Patricia behind and Pam in doorway. Jac or Jill Worthley, even they can't tell, with kitten.
Another picnic with the Worthleys, I think the tree had something to do with bear baiting.

This picture was inscribed - Jacqueline & Jill Worthley on theit first birthday, 2nd Aug 1950 with cousin Margaret, presumably from Kangaroo Island., in between & Auntie Joan beheaded. That can'r be right, Margaret was 4years old by then. AHAH, apparently Jill Pritchard was Jillian Margaret and born in 1950, given the propensity fro this family to call people by anything other than their given name, I woudl say it is Jill.

Wrong, turns out it is Margie Shillabeer, born Jan 12th 1950. She is in the Worthley side of the family, dad's sister Betty's daughter. Our two families spent a lot of time together as children. (Info from Jac Worthley)

Megan Badger, Jac Lambert (Worthley), Auntie Joan & Uncle John at Gumnut Cottage, Shrub Lane, Burwash.



Kangaroo Island crew ?  
Kangaroo island crew - Margaret, Kelly, a dog & Tops. Auntie Nancy ? or Helen? with Kelly & Margaret.
No idea Mellors , Peter & Myra .
No Idea Sunday School Picnic - Cremorne Methodists. Don on right.
Patricia & Susan dressing up in Indian gear from Auntie Grace that she acquired whilst working as a missionary. Auntie Lena kept house for them at 3 Leslie Avenue, Westbourne Park SA 5014.
The car in the centre of the picture looks like the Studebaker that Dad brought back from Washington & eventually sold to Uncle Charlie when we bought the first Chev. The yelow and black number plates imply that it is from NSW. So probably before we sold it , so between 1950 and 1956.
Could be Auntie Jessie Angela at 31/2 years - 1972.
Nicholas - 2 years - 1972 Timothy - 41/2 years - 1972
Someone heading off overseas, it's not a very big boat. Peter ?, there aren't that many males to choose from. Sign in the background say S.A. -
Bellalie school, unsure of connection.  
black rock church ??  
Glenys & daughters, Jennifer Dawn 3.3.70 & Terene Glenae 18.3.72 Photo in frame, held in palce with tacks &nails, eventually opened to reveal no description, just the photographers id. "King St. Newtown". So it belongs in NSW. Who ?
Mum leaving the Paringa Council Chambers afterseiing Dave's photo. Don's mob at reunion