Magnus Badger 1833-1891

Magnus married Margaret Hutton and one of his sons Robert, went as a missionary to Safi, Morocco.

Robert married Eleanor Dodds in June 1895

They in turn had two sons :-

Norman Macintosh, 29th March 1899 born in Safi, Morocco.

Steuart Roberts Magnus 16th September 1900 born in Lasswade, Edinburgh.

Little was known about this branch of the family, a wedding certificate and a few photos were all we ha, as can be seen in following the above link.

We met Uncle Robert in London in the early '60's whilst living in London with our parents. Uncle Robert turned up in a very mice car and took us for a drive, we ended up at a pub where he bought Margaret & I a drink. (WOW - How rich must he be we thought. He was at the time a widower and we decided that we would inherit all his money , we'd be rich.) It didn't turn out that way, he remarried, as you will see in the link above, and we were doomed to poverty, or at least having to work at school and get jobs etc., etc..

My cousin Margaret Silverton had seen the initial few photographs and was intrigued with the caption on the photo of the two boys "something happened to Norman". I had founf a large bundle of letters written by Eleanor in a beautiful flowing handwriting and almost imossible to read and amongst them were two of interest. One from Norman talking of his impending departure to France in the 1st World War and one from Eleanor to Robert thanking him for his support during their sad times. From these we deduced that Norman was in fact killed in France and set about finding out as much as we could about him. Margaret wrote a lovely booklet on his short life.

Some time later in tidying up some of Dad's stuff found in an old box of papers I noticed at the bottom of the box a small address label for a R.Badger in the Canary Islands. The box was full of the usual gladbag of assorted goodies that somehow coalesced into a file where each item generally bore no relationship to anything else in the collection. I read my way through many letters, cards etc, not finding much of any interest. There was one however which was an apology from a lady in England apologising for not getting back to Dad sooner. I had no idea who the lady was and would have thrown it but for a mention of her children enjoying holidays in a house in the Canary Islands. Check address label, ahah, this has something to do with Uncle Robert. I sent a letter to the address on the off chance that the senders still lived there., the response is posted in the above link along with the reams of information that they forwarded to me about Norman and Robert.

This has now to be updated with all the information we have from Norinne.