Maggie Knox BADGER (nee Thomson )

Maggie Knox Ancestors.

James & Jane Descendants - Tree


James & Jane Descendants - Photos

Family Group Photos

Jessie & Ken Mellor

Joan & John Worthley

Rosemary & Max Bennett

Peter & Myra


Adelaide Advertiser Sat 11th Oct 1919

BADGER. The FRIENDS of Mr. DAVID M.BADGER are respectfully informed that the Remains of his late WIFE (Maggie Knox) will be removed from the residence of her father (Mr. James S. Thomson), 18 Avenue-road, Fitzroy Prospect. on SATURDAY, October 11th, at 3 p m. for interment in the Payneham Cemetery.

J. C. HARDY & SON, Undertakers,

116 Flinders-street. Adelaide, 'Phone 1627; Port Adelaide, 'Phone 2198.


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. . . . . . . . Robert Beveridge Margaret Alexander Gillies Elizabeth Brodie . . . .
                Robert Beveridge - b.1806-d.1882 Jane Gillies - b.1802-d.1878        
James Simpson Thomson Margaret SMITH Robert Beveridge b.1825 - d.1899 Grace Forrest b.1831-d.1908
James Simpson Thomson b.1850 Jane Gillies Beveridge b.1856 - d.1941
Maggie Knox Thomson b.1883- d.1919

James Simpson THOMSON & Margaret SMITH

Thomson family before leaving Edinburgh.


Grandma Beveridge - Grace Forrest 1831-1908 Robert Beveridge 1925-1899 Jane Gillies Beveridge
Robert Beveridge Alexander Beveridge - Robert's brother. Oil pinting of Aleaxander


James Simpson THOMSON & Jane Gillies BEVERIDGE

James Simpson THOMSON & Jane Gillies BEVERIDGE

1842 Somewhere James Simpson THOMSON b. 1842 d. 1921
1880 Bright m.Jane Gillies BEVERIDGE b.1856 d. 1941
1881 Nth.Adelaide Grace Etheldina              
1883 Victoria   Maggie Knox            
1885 Prospect     Nellie Anita          
1887 Prospect       Robert Simpson        
1889 Prospect         Magdeline Beveridge      
1891 Prospect           Flora Millicent    
1894 Prospect             Jessie May  
1897 Prospect               Beatrice Victoria
1914     m. David Magnus Badger            
1915     Donald Gibson   m. Eliza Emma BROOKS        

David Lloyd

Neil Thomson

  Colin Simpson        
1918         Margaret Brooks        
1919     Maggie Dies            
1921 James Dies                
1924             m. Leslie George HUNT    
1925               m.Kenneth James MELLOR  
1926               Joan Masterman  
1927             Margaret Jean Peter James  
1930               Rosemary Grace  
1931                 m.Victor Cullen
1932             Judith Ann    
1941 Jane dies                
1946                 Beatrice dies
1948         Eliza dies        
1950         m. Kathleen Maud CRAIG        
1969   Grace dies              
1971           Lena dies      
1974       Nellie dies          
1977         Bob dies        
1986             Flora dies    
1991               Jessie dies  


Family Group Photos

Grace (Grace Etheldina), Maggie (Maggie Knox), Flora (Flora Millicent Jean), Nellie (Nellie Anita), Jessie (Jessie May), Lena (Magdalene Beveridge) & Beatrice (Beatrice Victoria).
Nellie, Grace, Lena, Flora, Bob, Jessie - Bob's 80th birthday.

Jessie May MELLOR ( nee THOMSON)

Jessie as a young girl. Jessie nursing grand-daughter Jo - June 1965 Jessie - March 1986 - aged 92.

Kenneth James MELLOR

Ken Mellor age 2-4 Ken Mellor W.W.1. Ken Mellor - Wedding Day - 1925.
Ken & Jessie Wedding Peter, Rosemary, Nellie, Grandma Jean Giles & Joan.
Joan, Nellie, Peter, Grandma Jane Gillies, & Rosemary Peter, Jessie, Grandma Jane Gillies (83), Ken, Rosemary & Joanne
Rosemary 2nd Birthday, 17th Nov 1932. Joan just home from school, bunny housevisible & Peter's wheat ready for harvest. Rosemary in backyard of Mellor Place.
Joan, Peter & Rosemary Off to school - 28July 1935.
Joan, Peter & Rosemary . This is how I remember the backyard . Ed. All grown up, Joan, Roemary & father Ken in background.- 1945.
Joan, Peter & Rosemary with Andrew, the twins, Jacq & Jill and Pam & Paul. Same wall, a generation earlier, Auntie Grace with Don & the twins..
Graham Place, Prospect in 2013 The kitchen with the new owner going thru the door into the hall with Cousin Margaret. Pantry (whic was ?) behind Margaret.

Joan WORTHLEY (nee MELLOR) 1926-2013

& John WORTHLEY 1926-2008


In 1960 the Worthleys moved to England at about the same time as Joan's cousin Don was transferred there for two years. They stayed briefly with the them whilst sorting out accommodation. As Don drove a large Chev station wagon he used to take everyone on picnics, the one on the left is the Worthleys on the left, another cousin Geneive Allen in the rear and the Badger family on the right, the lady in the bottom right hand corner was another relative "Cousin Jean". Badgers, Worthleys & Counsin Jaen made 13 in the car that day - who needs seat belts when you are packed in that tight.
The backyard at Beckenham. Oh to be in Englaned now that summer is here.  
Patricia & Susan Badger with the Worthley kids.(1961) 1962
  All grown up.
Braund Rd.

Back in England, only the English can do addresses like this.

Gumnut Cottage,

Neil Badger's wife Megan when they visited in 2007.  
  80 years young.
John & Joan. ...and so it goes on.

A celebration of the life of

John Worthley

1926 – 2008

Beckenham Baptist Church
21st November 2008
2.00 pm

May 7, 2013

I am writing to let you know that Mum, Joan Worthley, died peacefully in her sleep this morning at home (living with Jacqui and family). She was 87 years old and had a happy and fulfilling life, and was ready and longing to go to be with Jesus.

The funeral is yet to be arranged, but we are expecting to hold a thanksgiving service at Elm Road Baptist Church, Beckenham.

Love from Pam
and Jacqui, Jill and Paul

Welcome Rev. Julia Binney
Bible Sentences Rev. Julia
Hymn “Thine be the glory”
Organist: Michael Owen, a neighbour or ours in ‘60s at
Mackenzie Road, an old friend of Dad, and our church organist in the late ‘70s
Prayer Rev. Julia
8’50” Bible Readings
John 14: 1-6, 27 read by Jonathan Lambert (Jacqui’s son)
10’20” Psalm 23 signed by Hannah Worthley (Paul’s daughter) and interpreted in spoken word by Andrew Worthley (Paul’s son)
12’00” Tributes 1. Jill
23’35”   CD played of John Worthley singing carol written by John Elliston (music by Pam Cracknell) Recorded at Bill Harrison's studio in Adelaide in 1993. Darkness shrouds our solemn waiting”
26’40” 2. Jacqui
34’50” 3. Pam
37’55” 4. Paul inc:
51’08” tribute from Bet Shillabeer (Dad’s sister)
53’55” 5. Tina Gardiner (former member of Elm Road, daughter of Dad’s friend Arthur Jones)
56’15” 6. Barbi Garnier (nee Cracknell, Steve’s sister)
57’35”> 7. Steve Cracknell
58’30” 8. Andrew Worthley
1hr Address Rev. Jim Binney
1hr 13’30” Song “Faithful One, so unchanging”
Singing led by Jessica (Jill’s daughter), band composed of: Jill on keyboard, Steve Cracknell on guitar, Mark
Cracknell on bass guitar
(Balance on audio is not great due to limitations of church recording set-up)
1hr 17’40” Prayers Rev. Julia
1hr 23’45” Hymn “Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah”
  Postlude Widor’s Toccata
Played at the committal CD of John Worthley singing, recorded at Bill Harrison's studio in Adelaide in 1993 .
I wonder as I wander



Rosemary BENNET (nee MELLOR)

  Auntie Jessie
Rosemary's daughter Jo Rosemary and her cousin Margaret with me (Neil Badger)

Peter James MELLOR

initial contact with jean in scotland.
Hi, Neil.
Thanks for getting back.
Sorry about the first of the two messages on genesreunited! Somehow, the message sent before I had typed it!
We were in touch a few years ago via the genesreunited site. My name is Jean Cunningham (nee McGurk). I really came across your website by chance and was looking for a way to contact you through the site but couldn't see how to do that so I thought as a last resort, I'd try through genes.
Yes, we definitely have a connection through the Beveridge line. Jane Gillies Beveridge's father Robert who was born 1825 in Whitburn Parish, Linlithgow, West Lothian was the brother of my great great grandfather Alexander Beveridge b1827.
There were several Beveridge brothers who went out to Australia in 1856 aboard the Ocean Chief because of the goldrush.Robert and Thomas were the two who remained there, the others returning to Scotland at varying times. My great great grandfather must have returned before 1867 as he married my g g grandmother in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire in that year. Brothers William and James must have returned at a later date as they both had children born in Australia in the late 1860's and 1870's. William's youngest child,Lily was born in Fauldhouse, West Lothian in 1879 so obviously, he must have returned sometime prior to her birth.
I have amassed quite a lot of data about the Beveridges, both in Australia and back in Scotland and would be happy to share this with you. I don't really add much to my genes tree anymore but mainly concentrate on my FTM program . If you are interested, I could email you some files.
I would love to know more about the Australian line of the Beveridges. I have just recently discovered a bit about when Jane G Beveridge died and have found some photos of her daughters via a contact through Ancestry. I also discovered through the Bright Cemetery Register that her father had died of influenza.
Your photos are really interesting. I have a cople of pictures of Alexander b1827 that I could email to you.
Well Neil, I'll close now but look forward to hearing further from you.
Kindest regards,
ontent as yet -Almost Under Construction