Badger Family Trees

English Origin

David Badger 1827-1890

William Clarence 1851 - 1914

Gibson 1853 - 1889

Alfred Westcott 1869-1945

Henry Arthur 1862-1943

Herbert James 1867-1947

Irvine Magnus 1874-1934

Cecil Samuel 1875-1955

Allan Monteith 1880-1954

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Spousal Family Trees





Grandchildren of David BADGER

The Sett - Home of the Badgers.

This page has nothing to do with the species Meles, but has all to do with the Badgers, centered on Don & Olga, it meanders forward and back weaving a family history with photos and stories.

Well that was how it started, it now is expanding to accommodate the Haddington Badger family line. The basic structure hinges on the book "David Badger - Preacher, Pioneer, Patriach", Written by Don & reproduced here.

The drop down menus at the top will need to be changed to allow for the greater scope of the web page and also because they do not work properly on an Ipad.

I will probably use the technique that I have done on the "S.A." page where the headings either side of the picture are hyperlinks.

Initially all the changes will occur on the S.A. page as that is where David lived the major part of his working life and raised his family.

Coloured squares on table below are links to various geographic stages of his life or links to his children.


Badger Family Trees

History of family trees.

Large Family Bible.

C64 - don & colin, neil & jim.




Original Family Tree drawn up by Thelma Irene BADGER (nee RULE)....LARGE SCROLLABLE VERSION.

Neat & Tidy Printed Version

Original Roneod Sheets used for developing family tree


English Origins

The information on this web page derives from the Family Tree as compiled by many Badgers over the years and the book "David Badger - Preacher, Pioneer, Patriach" written by my father Donald Gibson Badger. Work on both of these endeavours appeared to happen concurrently. My father was a deeply religious man and he may have resarched the family tree as a background to the book or it may have dovetailed into the work that Colin Badger was doing on the family tree. To this day I am not sure if earlier information on the Hornchurch, Essex history was unavailable or if Dad was broken-hearted at finding out he was a sassenach. The main thrust of the web-page is the descendants of David Badger but should more properly be on the Haddington Badger line which was started by John Badger.

m.1732 Hornchurch, Essex John BADGER Mary FULLER            
    James BADGER Susan David PEFFERS Katherine Turnbull
1765 Hornchurch John BADGER b. 1765 - d. circa 1830 (Sheet)  
1798 Haddington Married Jean PEFFERS b.1775 - d. ????
1799 Ireland David b.1799 - d .1872 (Sheet)      
1801 Haddington?   William b.1801 - d.1858 (Sheet)    
1803 Haddington     John b.1803 - d.1863  
1806 Haddington       Edward b.1806 - d.????

Moved to Tranent
m. Janet HOGG 1800 - 1845

Stayed in Haddington., keeper of the Bell Inn.    
1821     m. Moffat JOHNSTON    
1822     Robert (Sheet)    
1824   John Jane    
1827     David   Preacher,Pioneer,Patriach    
1828         m. Catherine HALLIDAY
1830   Janet Anne   William
1833     Magnus (Sheet)    
1836   Moffat Isabella    
1840   Joan      
1842   Mary      
1845   Edward      
1850   m. Margaret PRESTON 1805-1871      
1855       m. Margaret TRUSTON  

Rev. David BADGER

Link to DAVID BADGER Preacher, Pioneer, Patriach.

David BADGER b. 1827 d.1890
1850 Adelaide m. Ann Gibson b.1826 d. 1857
1851 Adelaide William Clarence                          
1853 Adelaide   Gibson                        
1857 Adelaide Ann Gibson Dies  
1858 Adelaide     m. Emily Jane HAMLYN b.1839 d. 1928
1860 Mt.Remarkable     Alfred Westcott                      
1862 Morphett Vale       Henry Arthur Married twice, Mathilde Koehncke & Priscilla Emma Lambert, Alfred's 3rd wife.
1866 Morphett Vale         Herbert James                  
1867 Morphett Vale           Herbert James                
1870 Morphett Vale             Rupert Headley              
1872 Mt.Gambier               Irvine David            
1873 Saddleworth               Dies            
1874 Georgetown                 Irvine Magnus          
1875 Georgetwon                   Cecil Samuel        
1876 Laura m.Mary Jane                          
1877 Laura Elsie Leaves home                 Edgar Monteith Edit Alice    
1878 Port Augusta   m. Annie                 Dies Dies    
1879 Black Rock Hocart Annie                        
1880 Black Rock   John                     Allan Monteith  
1881 Goodwood Lillian                         Otto Hamlyn
1882 Goodwood   Archie m. Lavinia       Dies             Dies
1883 Goodwood Ernest Jessie Ethelwyn                      
1885 Geelong                            
1886 Geelong   David                        
1887     Effie                        
1888 Echuca Jessie   Hedley     m.Angelina                
1889 Echuca   Dies       Irinie                
1890 Echuca - Dies                            
1891             Gertrude                
              d.Irinie & Gertrude                
1893       HowardM                      
1894             Miriam       m.Rosalind        
1896       d.Howard     David GJ                
1897       d.Lavinia                      


1899       HowardC                      
1900       Leila                      
1901             May                
1903             Ian                
1906             Robert             m.Gertrude  
1907                     Finnis     Gwenda  
1909             Ronald             Roderick  
1912             Lena                
1914   Dies                       Maida  
1915                   m. Amy          
1916                   Margaret          
1919                           Geoffrey  
1920                   Malcolm          
1923                           d.Gertrude  
1925                           m.Emma  
1934                   Dies          
1940       d.Alice                      
1943         Dies                    
1944       m.Priscilla                      
1945       Dies                      
1947             Dies                
1954                           Dies  
1955                     Dies        


Did Not Survive.


William Clarence

William Clarence born 1851 died 1914
1876 Adelaide married on 8th March to Mary Jane HOCART born at sea in transit from Guernsey in 1856 died 1942
1877   Elsie Rose              
1879     Hocart Wilkinson            
1881       Lilian Beatrice          
1883         Ernest William        
1885           Walter Stuart Lindsay      
1888             Jessie Edith Bays    
1889   Elsie Dies              
1891               Gibson Henry George  
1893     m.Ethel RICKETTS           Adelaide Alice May
        m. Thomas ANDERSON     m. Albert JACKSON m. Martha FLEGG  
        Rose     Gilbert    
        Marion     Irvine    
        James     Lawrence    
        Thomas     Bert    
        Jean     Violet    
1903         m.Esther Kemp MOSS        
1904         Lilian May        
1905         William Thomas        
1907         Harold Lindsay        
1910         Clarence Alfred        
1911         Phyllis Alma        

m. Ada PHILLIPS b.1850 d.1974

1913         Eric Wilkinson Jean      
1914 William dies                
1915         Ronald Ernest Lindsay James     m.Alfred MILNE b.1889 d.`943
1917         Lorna Winifred Beryl     Merlin Grace
1919                 Raymond Alfred
1922           Nancy     Valda May
1923                 Valda Dies
1928           Anne      
1940     Hocart dies            
1941           Ian James (adopted)      
1942 Mary dies                
1953               Gibson dies  
1960         Ernest dies        
1968           Walter dies      
1973       Lilian dies          
1974                 Adelaide dies



1853 Adelaide Gibson BADGER b.1853 d. 1889 Sheet
1877 Terowie Left home and became a storekeeper.
1878 White Hut- Clare m. Annie McDougall b. 1857 d. 1946
1879 White Hut-clare Annie Gibson-Nance Born where Ann Gibson BADGER was living at the time.
1880 Belalie East   John McDougall Born where Ann BADGER was living at the time.
1882 Lancelot     Archie Maxwell  
1884 Lancelot       Jessie Emmeline - Sis  
1886 Dawson         David Magnus    
1887 Parkside           Effie Stewart  
1889 Renmark - Drowned              
1890 Renmark             Gibson
1897 Adelaide              
1913     m. Laura Mary BROOKER b. 1884 d. 1979 m. Helen WOODROFFE b.1882 d. 1917        
1914     Kathleen Woodford Nancy Maxwell   m. Maggie Knox b.1883 d.1919    
1915       Helen Maxwell   Donald Gibson    
1916     Geoffrey Malcom     Neil Thomson David Lloyd    
1917   Arch, Helen & Nancy move in.   Helen Woodroffe dies & the family moved in with Grandma so Nance could mind girls.
1919           Maggie died & Auntie Jessie , Maggie's sister moved in to mind boys.
1921     Hugh Gibson     Watson Ave.Rose Park.    
1924 Uncle Gip buys 29 Bosanquet Ave.       m. Charles Murray Stephen BURNSIDE b.1886 d.1970   m. Charles Edmund Hamilton BROWN b.1883 d. 1964  
1925 Gladstone Rd. Helen, Nancy, Don, Neil & Lloyd went to     David's family move in, Arthur St. Prospect North. Jess marries Ken Mellor Dougal Hamilton - Uncle Bill  
Bruand Rd. School & lunched here daily.
1926 Bosanquet Ave. Annie, & Gip move to Bosanquet Ave with         move to Eudunda  
Arch, Helen & Nancy
1927           David & Neil go to Port Lincoln    
1928         Lower North Rd, Ovingham... Don & Lloyd join    
Dave for 6 months.
Don moves in on return Then to Mylor.
1929         Move to Belair,      
Dave's family also.
Beat & Rene also.
1932         Don stays with Sis. David & Beat, Lloyd & Neil to Montarra.    
1938   Grandma Annie has stroke.     Don to Sydney. Don moves to Sydney. Naracoorte  
Sis & Charlie move to Bosanquet Ave. Sis & Charlie move to Bosanquet Ave.
1940   Uncle Bill moves in.   Helen marries Neil PRITCHARD Neil & Lloyd enlist WW2 Bill to Bosanquet Ave.  
1942         Lloyd marries Thelma BATES    
1943       Nancy marries Harry FARR    
1944   Uncle "Gip" dies, Nance gets house..     Neil killed in action    
Don marries Olga Williams
1945       Margaret FARR      
1946   Grandma dies.   Don PRITCHARD .Neil Gibson    
1947       Max PRITCHARD Geoffrey Neil    
1948       Helen FARR Margaret Robyn    
1949     Jack dies   Christine Elizabeth    
1950       Gillian PRITCHARD     Bill marries Barbara MOYSES  
1952 Henley Beach Sis & Charlie move to Henley.   Arch dies Move to Henley Beach Rosemary Dawn Geoffrey Hanilton  
Nance to Henley Patricia Jean
1953 Cherryville       Dave & Beat move to Cherryville    
Jennifer Maureen
1954           "Black Sunday" decimates orchard. Ian David  
1955     Margaret          
1956           Susan BADGER    
1957 Cherryville Nance to Cherryille     Move to Cherryville. Nance moves in.    
and Sis & Charlie
1958             Donald Stuart  
1959       Joan PRITCHARD        
1963   Nance dies            
  Joslin       Joslin ?    
  Black Forest       Black Forest ?    
1970         Charlie dies Dave dies    
1972         Sis dies      
1978             Effie dies.  


Alfred Westcott

Alfred Westcott BADGER born 25/2/1860 died 21/1/1945 Sheet
1882   m. Lavinia Selena SELWAY b. circa 1860 d.1897        
1883     Ethelwyn Howard            
1888       Hedley Gordon          
1893         Howard Mostyn        
1896         Howard dies    
1897 Terowie Lavinia Dies          
1898           m. Alice CUST b.1860 d. 1940  
1899             Howard Cuthbert    
1900               Leila Alice  
1907 Georgetown                
1912 St.Peters                
1915 Balaklava                
1915 Pinnaroo                
1918 Laura                
1921 Mt.Lofty Alfred president of the S.A. Baptist Union
  Myrtle Bank                
                Leila marries Robert Maxwell WILSON b.1894 d 1967  
1925 St.Peters           Howard dies Brian Robert WILSON  
1940           Alice dies      
1942       Hedley dies          
1944                 m. Priscilla Emma Lambert BADGER b.1874 d.1959
1945   Alfred dies              
1956     Ethylwyn dies            
1959                 Priscilla dies
1967               Robert dies  

Henry Arthur - 25/8/1862 to 1/8/1943


Henry married Mathilde Koehncke, they had no children, i will cut and paste the deatils of his life from the book to here. Sheet

Herbet James - 21/11/1867 to 15/2/1947

Herbert James BADGER 21/11/1867 to 15/2/1947 Sheet
1888   m. Angelina NICHOLS born 1868 died 1961
1889     Irinie Louie                  
1891       Gertrude Muriel                
1892     Irinie dies Gertrude dies                
1894         Miriam Doris              
1896           David Gibson Jude            
1898             Magnus Rupert          
1901               May Victoria Jean        
1903                 Ian Hugh Herbert      
1906                   Robert Colin Henry    
1909                     Ronal Haddington Nichols  
1912                       Lena Jessie
1916           K.I.A.            
          m. Hardman LEICESTER     m. Hugh HIGGINS        
1921         Dorothy Joan              
1923         Lewis David   m. Martha Rowley LANG b.1902          
1928               John Martin        
1929         Allenby Hardman     Irvine Hugh   m. Adelaide Estella SLADE b.1905    
1931             Langdon          
1936                 m. Jean WRIGHT Theaden Jane    
1940                   Philip David    
                        m. Ernest George JANSEN
1944                       Adrian Michael
1946                   Ian James    
1947   Herbert dies                 m. Betty June DICKSON b.1924 d.1984  
1948                     Wendy  
1949                   Theaden dies Lynn Lena dies
1954                     Kim & Ian  
1955                     Kim dies  
1961   Angelina dies                    
1963                     Heather  
1970                 Ian dies      
1984                     Ronald dies  

Irvine Magnus 3/1/1874 - 29/8/1934

Irvine Magnus BADGER 3/1/1874 - 29/8/1934 Sheet
1915   m. Amy Thomas b.1879 d.1974
1916     Margaret Amy  
1920       Malcolm Irvine
1934   Irvine Dies    
1942       m. Ruth Carlton b.1923
1944       Jillian Ruth
1946       John Malcolm
1948       David Michael
1951       Douglas James
1955       Anne Margaret
1974   Amy dies    


Cecil Samuel 14/10/1875 - 11/5/1955

Cecil Samuel BADGER 28/4/1880 - 11/7/1954 Sheet
  Rosalind Wilson born 1875 died 1954
1907   Finnis Mona  
    m. John Torvatt SINCLAIR  


Allan Monteith 28/4/1880 - 11/7/1954

Allan Monteith BADGER 28/4/1880 - 11/7/1954
1906   . Gertrude Eleanor LININGTON b.1878 d. 1923
1907     GwendaLinington        
1909       Roderick Maxwell      
1914         Maida    
1919           Geoffrey David  
1923   Gertrude Dies          
1925             m. Emma PEARCE b.1890 d.1968
1931     m. Charles Albert SHEFFIELD b.1904 d.1937        
1932     Robert Allan        
1933     Donal Adrian        
1938       Linda WARE b.1911 d.1979      
          m. Samuel WHEATLAND b.1905 d.1962    
1942         Allan Earnest    
1945       Kevin Maxwell      
1946         m.Thelma Irene RULE b.1923  
1948           Lesley Gaye  
1951       Ian Roderick      
1952       Ian Dies   Graham Leith  
1954   Allan Dies       Grant Allan Loren  
1956     m. Harry COX Gregory John      
          m. Walter DINGLE    
1959           Robyn Erica  
1962         Samuel Dies    
1968             Emma Dies