This page lists the original roneod sheets by a numerical index of descendants of John James Badger.
For the purpose of the exercise, John was given the number 1.
His two sons David & William become 1.1 & 1.2.
For each generation the number is extended and the surviving children numbered sequentially, .1, .2, .3 etc.
This list is not complete , it was created from the sheeets belonging to Thelma Badger (Rule) wife of Geoffrey David, father of Graham Leith
Currently I have seen no sheets for Allan Monteith's family.
For some there is a record which I believe comes from the Mormon Genealogical records rather than the roneod sheet.
The hyperlink on their number will take you to the scanned record.

Gen Num Surname Given Names Y.O.B.
1 Badger John  James 1765
1.1 Badger David 1799
1.2 Badger  William 1801
1.2.1 Badger Robert 1822
1897 Badger William Badger Magnus Badger Robert 1892
1974 Badger John  Robert 1924
1956 Badger Magnus 1894 Badger George  Peter Magnus 1926 Badger Robert 1868
1.2.2 Badger Jane 1824
No Sheets
1.2.3 Badger David (Rev) 1827
1890 Badger William  Thomas Badger William  Eric Badger Lindsay James Badger Gibson 1853
1889 Badger John  McDougall Badger Geoffrey Malcolm (Sir) Badger Archie Maxwell Badger Helen Badger David Magnus Badger Donald Gibson Badger Neil Thomson Badger David Lloyd Badger Dougal Hamilton Badger Alfred Westcott 1860
1945 Wilson Leila Alice Wilson  Brian Robert Badger Henry Arthur 1862
1943 Badger Herbert James 1867
1947 Leicester Miriam  Doris Stewart Leicester Dorothy Joan Leicester Lewis David Leicester Allenby Hardman Badger Magnus Rupert Badger Langdon Higgins  May Victoria Jean Hanby Diana Robertson Maerschel Patricia Badger Robert Colin Henry Badger Ian James Badger Ronald Haddington Nicholas Jansen Lena Jessie Jansen Ernest George Badger Irvine Magnus 1874
1934 Badger Malcolm  Irvine Badger John  Malcolm Badger David  Michael Badger Douglas James Badger Cecil Samuel 1875
1955 Badger Allan Monteith 1880
No Sheets
1.2.5 Badger Magnus
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