Cousin Jean

Annie Jean Haines nee Thomson 1893-1982

Cousin Jean as she was always affectionately known was always there.

When we lived in Washington, Cousin Jean was there, when we lived in England Cousin Jean would come and stay, when we lived in Australia, Cousin Jea would come and stay. She would ring up and say she was coming for a day or two and stay for weeks if not months, but that could be youthful exaggeration. When she atyed when we lived at Epping i would have to surrender my bedroom for her.

Cousin JeanHaines in grey overcoat with our only known scottish relative Daisy Badger out the front of her apartment in Edinburg in 1961. Neil. Olga & Cousin Jean
Cousin Jean in the black in the middle with Don, Olga, Margaret & Neil in the background & presumably Molly (Jean's daughter) & her husband Lou & their daughter Sarah. Lou, Molly, Olga with Margae-ret, Sarah & Neil
Olga, Margaret, Neil & Cousin Jean. Cousin Jean with us & Worthleys & other cousins in England 1962.
Cousin Jean with Wendy on the back deck at Epping in 1977 with Don & Olga & Megan.