Archie Maxwell BADGER

Arch, 1882 - 1952

Nancy, 1914 - 1992

Helen, 1915 - 2010

  Dave, Jack & Arch BADGER, Gibson's three sons.  
1882 Archie Maxwell BADGER
1913 m. Helen WOODROFFE b. 1882 - d. 1917
1914 Nancy Maxwell    
1915   Helen Maxwell
1917 d. Helen Woodroofe - family moves in with Grandma Badger for Auntie Nance to mind the girls.
1940   m. Neil PRITCHARD
1943 m. Harry FARR        
1945 Margaret FARR          
1946     Don PRITCHARD      
1947       Max PRITCHARD    
1948   Helen FARR        
1950         Gillian PRITCHARD  
1952 d. Arch dies
1959           Joan PRITCHARD
1992 d. Nancy dies.          

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The South Australian Advertiser Saturday 1 April 1882


BADGER. —On the 25th March, at the residence of the Rev. J. McDougall, Belalie East, the wife of G. Badger, storekeeper, Lancelot, of a son

  Nancy & Helen  

Adelaide Advertiser Tue 20th Nov1894

Franklin Harbour, -November I6.— The holiday last Monday passed off very quietly. The Con- gregational Sunday-school held their annual picnic at the Pound, which was well attended. A cricket match, Renmark boys v. Reservoir boys, excited a good deal of enthusiasm amongst the juveniles, tbe game being won by the latter, mostly through the efforts of J. Buchan a lad of about 3 ft. nothing. who made nearly all the runs and took nearly all the wickets. Archie Badger was the best man for the losers..

This article appeared twice , once as Renmark & once as Franklin Harbour.

Adelaide Advertiser Thu 22nd May 1913

BADGER-WOODROFFE.-On the 19th March, at the Baptist Church, Semaphore, by the Rev. E. S. Tuckwell, B.A.. Archie Maxwell, second son of Annie and- the late Gibson Badger, to Helen Haddy-, youngest daughter of Helen and the late John S. Woodroffe. . At home. Lyndoch street, Hyde Park, May 28 and 29, afternoon and evening.

Adelaide Advertiser Sat 21st Feb 1914

Alleged Bicycle-stealing.
The accused was charged with having on or about February-3 stolen a bicycle valued at £6, the property of Priest and James, land agents, of Pine-street.
Archie Maxwell Badger, clerk, of Hyde Park, said he was employed by Messrs. Priest & James. On January 28 he left the machine in the vestibule of the Old Ex- change, and the wheel was fastened to the rack by a chain. On February 3 the witness went to look for the bicycle, but it had disappeared.
Constable Gill gave evidence o£ arrest. The accused had the bicycle in his pos- session when the witness apprehended him in King William-street onMonday. He asked Taylor if it was his bicycle, and he replied, "Yes, I bought it about two months ago from a chap for £2 10/." The witness said the bicjele had been recently painted, and Taylor said, "Yes, I did that a few days ago."
Taylor elected to be tried by a jury, and was committed for trial.

The defendant James Haldane Taylor was chrged with three other offences on the same day. On or about February 1 feloniously breaking and entering the warehouse of Seppelt & Sons, and stolen therefrom a lady's chatelaine bangle, a watch, a_ gold medal, 118 pennv postage stamps, in all valued -at £11 Í5/, and £8 15/ in cash.

Also on or about January 30 stolen seven gold pendants, one brooch, and a silver locket, valued at £4, the property of her father, William Henry Readshaw, indent agent, of the Old Exchange, Pirie-street.

As well a son or about October 13 stolen postal notes to the value of £l 2/6" and l8 penny stamps, belonging to the Government, and money to the, amount oí 4/9, and a gold ring worth £1.

The accused reserved his defence and was committed to stand his trial at the next Criminal Sessions. The accused said he did not ask for "bail' and the S.M. said he would not grant him bail in any case.

Adelaide Advertiser, Sun 26th Mar 1917

BADGER_On,the 23rd March, at Wakefleld street, Adelaide, Helen Haddy, beloved wife of Arch M. Badger, of Lyndoch street. Hyde Park, youngest daughter of the late J S Woodroffe and
Mrs Woodroffe, Semaphore

Adelaide Advertiser, Monday 26th March 1917.

BADGER.-THE FRIENDS of Mr. ARCH M.BADGER, of Lyndoch-street, Hyde Park, are respectfullv informed that the Remains of his late WIFE (Helen Haddy Badger) will be removed from 115, Flinders-street, Adelaide, on MONDAY, March 26, at 3 p.m., for interment in the Cheltenham Cemetery, arriving at 4.15 p.m.
J. C. HADDY & SON, Undertakers. 115, Flinders-street, Adelaide, 'phone 1677; Port Adelaide, 'phone 2128. '_

The Register
Friday 30 October 1925


Langsford Cooper, Limited.— Capital— £20,000 divided into 20,000 shares of £1 each. Objects— To acquire and take over as a going concern the business of mer- chants and engineers carried on at Ade laide by Alfred Stanley Langsford and Raymond Wyndham Cooper, under the style of firm of A. S. Langsford & Co., and the assets and liabilities of tbe pro- prietors of that business as from July 1, 1925, and with a view thereto to adopt and carry into effect an agreement dated October 20, 1925, and made between Alfred Stanley Langsford and Raymond William Cooper, of the one part, and Al fred Charles James, on behalf of the com pany, of the other part. Applicants for formation of company:— Alfred Stanley Langsford, Adelaide, merchant, 1; Ray mond Windham Cooper, Adelaide, mer- chant. 1: John Gladstone Sinclair.1;Ade aide, office manager. 1: Archie Maxwell Badger, Adelaide, land agent, 1; Roy Hartley Langsford, Adelaide, traveller. 1; Bessie Blockler Langsford, Mount Lofty, married w0man 1. First director- A. S Langsford (Chairman) and R. W. Cooper. Registered office— Gilbert place, Adelaide, Incorporated, October 28. 1825.

Adelaide Advertiser 22nd Dec 1952

BADGER.— On December 20. Archie Maxwell Badger, dearly loved father of Nance and Helen and grandpa of Margaret and Helen Farr, and Don, Max and Jill Pritchard.
BADGER.— On December 20. Archie Maxwell Badger, dearly loved brother of Nance, Jessie, Dave and Effie.

The Mail Saturday 20 December 1952


BADGER. — On December 20. Archie Maxwell Badger, dearly loved father of Nance and Helen, and grandpa of Margaret and Helen Farr. and Don. Max. and Jill Pritchard.

Chronicle Wednesday 24 December 1952

BADGER.— On December 20. Archie Maxwell Badger, dearly loved father of Nance and Helen and grandpa of Margaret and Helen Farr, and Don, Max and Jill Pritchard


The Advertiser Monday 13 April 1914

BADGER (nee Nurse Woodroffe). On the 9th April, at 'Mrs. Lindstrom's Nursing Home, Semaphore, the wife of Archie M. Badger, Lyndoch Street, Hyde Park— a daughter.

Adelaide Advertiser Thu 4th March 1943

BADGER — FARR. — The engagement is announced of Nancy Maxwell, elder daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. A- M. Badger, to Henry Coleridge, younger son of Mrs. and the late Mr. L H. O. Farr .



Nancy Arch with first grandchild Margaret. Nancy with baby Helen & Margaret on her 3rd birthday
Helen (Kelly), Effie Whiting, Margaret, Nancy & Arch. Olga Badger, Charles Burnside, Auntie Sis, David Magnus, Auntie Beat, Barbara Brown, Auntie Nance, Nancy Farr & Arch with Margaret& Neil Badger and Margaret & Helen Farr
Helen, Margaret with Uncle Charlie at Henley Beach. Helen & Margaret in front yard at Henley Beach.
Helen with Jill & Helen and Margaret & Auntie Effie Whiting Beat, Nance & Ian, Sis, Barbara & Malcolm, Margaret & Donald, Bill and Helen at Cherryville.
Tops with daughters Margaret & Helen Nancy with Helen & Margaret



The Advertiser Tuesday 5 March 1940


BADGER-PRITCHARD.—The marriage of Helen M. Badger, to Neil W. Pritchard. both of Prospect, which was to have taken place tonight at the North Adelaide Baptist Church, has been postponed until Wednesday, the 6th of March, at 6.45 p.m.