William Clarence Badger Mary Jane (nee Hocart) Badger  

William Clarence

David Badger born 12 January 1827 Ann Gibson born 27 August, 1826
1850 North Adelaide David & Ann married, 13 December, 1850
1851 Stepney William Clarence born 1851, 23 September, 1851. (died 1914)
1853 Stepney Brother - Gibson born.
1857 Ann Gibson dies 3 February, 1857
1858 David remarries 24 June, 1858 to Emily Jane Hamlyn,
1858 Mt.Remarkable Family moves to Mt Remarkable
1860 Mt.Remarkable Brother - Alfred Westcott born
1861 Morphett Vale Family moves to Morpett Vale
1862 Morphett Vale Brother - Henry Arthur born
1867 Morphett Vale Brother - Herbert James born
1870 Morphett Vale Brother - Rupert Headley born
1872 Mt.Gambier Family moves to Mt Gambier
1872 Mt.Gambier Brother - Irvine David born
1873 Saddleworth Family movesto Saddleworth; Irvine David dies on trip.
1876 Adelaide married on 8th March to Mary Jane HOCART born at sea in transit from Guernsey in 1856 died 1942
1877   Elsie Rose              
1879     Hocart Wilkinson            
1881       Lilian Beatrice          
1883         Ernest William        
1885           Walter Stuart Lindsay      
1888             Jessie Edith Bays    
1889   Elsie Dies              
1891               Gibson Henry George  
1893     m.Ethel RICKETTS           Adelaide Alice May
        m. Thomas ANDERSON     m. Albert JACKSON m. Martha FLEGG  
        Rose     Gilbert    
        Marion     Irvine    
        James     Lawrence    
        Thomas     Bert    
        Jean     Violet    
1903         m.Esther Kemp MOSS        
1904         Lilian May        
1905         William Thomas        
1907         Harold Lindsay        
1910         Clarence Alfred        
1911         Phyllis Alma        

m. Ada PHILLIPS b.1850 d.1974

1913         Eric Wilkinson Jean      
1914 William dies                
1915         Ronald Ernest Lindsay James     m.Alfred MILNE b.1889 d.`943
1917         Lorna Winifred Beryl     Merlin Grace
1919                 Raymond Alfred
1922           Nancy     Valda May
1923                 Valda Dies
1928           Anne      
1940     Hocart dies            
1941           Ian James (adopted)      
1942 Mary dies                
1953               Gibson dies  
1960         Ernest dies        
1968           Walter dies      
1973       Lilian dies          
1974                 Adelaide dies


William Clarence, was born on 23 September, 1851. His father was David Badger who on the 13 December, 1850 was married to Ann Gibson by Mr. Stow in the private residence of Mr. E. Gates at Tynte Street, North Adelaide. Ann was the daughter of James Gibson, a brickmaker, who had arrived in Adelaide with his wife, Prudence, and two children on the Indus, which sailed from Leith, Scotland on 26 February, 1840. Ann's parents were married at Ithem, Staffordshire on 25 September, 1824 and Ann was christened at Burslem on 27 August, 1826. On arrival in South Australia the Gibson family went to live at Encounter Bay, where James may initially have followed his occupation as a brickmaker, but later became a farmer. David and Ann presumably set up their home at Stepney as it was there that their elder son, William Clarence, was born on 23 September, 1851..

William, the eldest son, was first to leave home. After learning the saddlery trade he entered business as a saddler, first at Broughton from 1876 to 1878, moving then to Red Hill in 1879 and Mannanarie in 1880. He was married in Adelaide on 8 March 1876 to Mary Jane Hocart, who had been born at sea while her parents were on their way to Australia from the island of Guernsey. At some stage in the early 1880s William and Mary moved to Victoria and reared their family there. One suggestion as to the reason for this move was that William did not get on well with his stepmother.

William's early life and marriage to Mary Jane Hocart are described in the text. As recorded there the family moved to Victoria in the early 1880s.
William presumably remained in the saddlery business for some years but later became an orchardist at Montrose on the road to Lilydale. It is not known what prompted him to make this move but his health could have been a factor as he is known to have suffered badly from asthma. It is clear, though, that an interest in horses remained in the family as three of his grandsons became jockeys.
While at Montrose William played an active part in the Masonic Lodge at Lilydale and used to travel by horse and jinker to the meetings. He is also reputed to have had a wonderful sense of humour .
William and Mary had eight children, four boys and four girls, all of whom married except the eldest, Elsie Rose, who died of poisoning at the age of twelve, when the doctor is said to have prescribed the wrong medicine. Details of the family are shown in the accompanying chart.