John McDougall BADGER

Kathleen Woodford 1914-

Geoffrey Malcolm 1916 -

Hugh Gibson 1921-

1880 John McDougall BADGER
1913 m. Laura Mary BROOKER b. 1884 - d. 1979. Married 26th Nov at Woodville, S.A.
1914 Kathleen Woodford - 21st October at Port Augusta    
1916   Geoffrey Malcolm - 10th October at Port Augusta  
1921     Hugh Gibson
    m. Edith CHEVIS  
      m. Phyliss HEATH
1955     Margaret





Kathleen Woodford BADGER

Adelaide Advertiser Fri 6th Nov 1914

BADGER.- On the 21st October, to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Badger, of Port Augusta - a daughter.

Donald Gibson BADGER was working in Washington with the Far Eastern Commission & then the International Monetary Fund from 1946 to 1950.

Kathleen was working as a librarian for the United Nations.

  Olga Badger with son Neil & Kath
Olga & Kath with Margaret & Neil , Washington D.C. (1949ish) Neil with Auntie Kath

Geoffrey Malcolm BADGER

Hugh Gibson BADGER