Irvine Magnus 3/1/1874 - 29/8/1934

Irvine Magnus BADGER 3/1/1874 - 29/8/1934 Sheet
1915   m. Amy Thomas b.1879 d.1974
1916     Margaret Amy  
1920       Malcolm Irvine
1934   Irvine Dies    
1942       m. Ruth Carlton b.1923
1944       Jillian Ruth
1946       John Malcolm
1948       David Michael
1951       Douglas James
1955       Anne Margaret
1974   Amy dies    


lrvine became the most successful of the brothers in a material sense. He built up a good business as a land and estate agent. He was evidently gifted and shrewd in his dealings as he became a reasonably wealthy man with a large house at Cross Road, Unley. He married Amy Thomas when he was middle-aged and had two children, a son and a daughter. Details are given in the accompanying chart. lrvine's niece, Leila, has described him as she knew him:- 'We saw Uncle lrvine very often. He was a frequent visitor to meals; living as he did at a guest house, he greatly enjoyed mother's cooking (she was a superb cook). He was wonderfully kind to me and generous. I well remember the excitement when he told us of his engagement, and then later the big wedding and the reception at the Grand Central Hotel, where the menu was in French. A line of cabs waited outside the Church to take the guests to the reception. There were hardly any cars in those d~ys -apart from the doctor, Uncle lrvine was the only man I knew who owned one. Just after Malcolm was born Irvine became ill and he had a wretched and weary time from then on till his death.' His nephew, Colin, has commented as follows:- 'lrvine was very much a Hamlyn in appearance and unlike the Badgers. He had a great deal of his mother's fastidiousness in dress. appearance and habit. He, too, was a Baptist and supported the Church, though apparently not as actively as his brothers.'