Herbert James Badger and Angelina (nee Nichols) Badger with daughter Irinie  


David Gibson Jude

Magnus Rupert


Herbet James - 21/11/1867 to 15/2/1947

Herbert James BADGER 21/11/1867 to 15/2/1947 Sheet
1888   m. Angelina NICHOLS born 1868 died 1961
1889     Irinie Louie                  
1891       Gertrude Muriel                
1892     Irinie dies Gertrude dies                
1894         Miriam Doris              
1896           David Gibson Jude            
1898             Magnus Rupert          
1901               May Victoria Jean        
1903                 Ian Hugh Herbert      
1906                   Robert Colin Henry    
1909                     Ronal Haddington Nichols  
1912                       Lena Jessie
1916           K.I.A.            
          m. Hardman LEICESTER     m. Hugh HIGGINS        
1921         Dorothy Joan              
1923         Lewis David   m. Martha Rowley LANG b.1902          
1928               John Martin        
1929         Allenby Hardman     Irvine Hugh   m. Adelaide Estella SLADE b.1905    
1931             Langdon          
1936                 m. Jean WRIGHT Theaden Jane    
1940                   Philip David    
                        m. Ernest George JANSEN
1944                       Adrian Michael
1946                   Ian James    
1947   Herbert dies                 m. Betty June DICKSON b.1924 d.1984  
1948                     Wendy  
1949                   Theaden dies Lynn Lena dies
1954                     Kim & Ian  
1955                     Kim dies  
1961   Angelina dies                    
1963                     Heather  
1970                 Ian dies      
1984                     Ronald dies  

The next surviving son, Herbert, was also closely associated with Gibson in his storekeeping ventures. He was his assistant in the store at Dawson, and took over the business when Gibson left. He married Angelina Nichols, daughter of William Nichols and Mary Meany, at Aberdeen, South Australia, on 27 August, 1888. In about 1891 or 1892 he managed to raise enough money to purchase a shop in the main street of Peters'burg and a small house in that town and to set up business as a draper. Further details regarding the second and succeeding generations are provided in Appendix D.

Herbert and Angelina had a larger family than any of his brothers -ten children, five boys and five girls. The two eldest girls died as infants and the eldest son, David, was killed in action in 1916 at the age of twenty. but all the others attained adulthood and married. Details are given in the accompanying chart. The drapery business at Peterborough seems to have been successful for more than 20 years but it eventually failed in the severe drought of 1914-15, which ruined many of the pioneers of the area. Herbert left Peterborough in 1916 and thereafter worked as a salesman in a retail shop in Adelaide, living briefly at Prospect and then until his death at Mitcham. In 1930 he took part with his brother, Alfred, in the jubilee celebrations of the Peterborough Baptist Church, where they unveiled and presented to the church a framed photograph of their father. The account of the proceedings describes Herbert as a 'most active and much loved member of the church and Sunday school for many years'. Herbert's son, Colin, has described his parents in these words:- 'Herbert was an imaginative, lively, good humoured man with a very odd turn of humour and fancy. He had little practical sense and the many schemes he evolved to make money all failed. He was fortunate to marry a woman of remarkable commonsense, an excellent manager and altogether one who was his prop and stay throughout his life. He was a lay preacher, a loyal Baptist and a deacon of the Baptist Church at Mitcham.'