English Origins & Scottish Forebears.

The information on this web page derives from the Family Tree as compiled by many Badgers over the years and the book "David Badger - Preacher, Pioneer, Patriach" written by my father Donald Gibson Badger. Work on both of these endeavours appeared to happen concurrently. My father was a deeply religious man and he may have resarched the family tree as a background to the book or it may have dovetailed into the work that Colin Badger was doing on the family tree. To this day I am not sure if earlier information on the Hornchurch, Essex history was unavailable or if Dad was broken-hearted at finding out he was a sassenach. The main thrust of the web-page is the descendants of David Badger but should more properly be on the Haddington Badger line which was started by John Badger.

m.1732 Hornchurch, Essex John BADGER Mary FULLER            
    James BADGER Susan David PEFFERS Katherine Turnbull
1765 Hornchurch John BADGER b. 1765 - d. circa 1830 (Sheet)  
1798 Haddington Married Jean PEFFERS b.1775 - d. ????
1799 Ireland David b.1799 - d .1872 (Sheet)      
1801 Haddington?   William b.1801 - d.1858 (Sheet)    
1803 Haddington     John b.1803 - d.1863  
1806 Haddington       Edward b.1806 - d.????

Moved to Tranent
m. Janet HOGG 1800 - 1845

Stayed in Haddington., keeper of the Bell Inn.    
1821     m. Moffat JOHNSTON    
1822     Robert (Sheet)    
1824   John Jane    
1827     David   Preacher,Pioneer,Patriach    
1828         m. Catherine HALLIDAY
1830   Janet Anne   William
1833     Magnus, (Sheet)    
1836   Moffat Isabella    
1840   Joan      
1842   Mary      
1845   Edward      
1850   m. Margaret PRESTON 1805-1871      
1855 .     m. Margaret TRUSTON