Annie Gibson Badger - Nance

Nance remained unmarried although engaged for some thirty years to Richard Kitson, a talented musician who played the clarionet and saxophone.

They planned to marry on a number of occasions but family emergencies, to which Nance generously responded, prevented the marriage from taking place.

The family lived at Prospect for many years until after the death of Gibson's widow, Annie, in May 1946.

Nance was only 10 years old when her father , Gibson, drowned in the Murray River at Renmark. Gibson and Annie had six children, three boys and three girls, and Annie was pregnant with the fourth son when Gibson died The fourth son, Gibson, who was born after his father's death and lived only three days.

Following Gibson's death in December 1889 Annie continued to conduct the store at Renmark with the assistance of Gibson's stepbrother, Henry. The family remained at Renmark unti1 1897 and then moved to Adelaide. Nance woud have to have taken a leading role in organising home duties The family remained at Renmark unti1 1897 and then moved to Adelaide. By this time the elder sons had begun work and Annie was able to concentrate on her household responsibilities with the assistance of her eldest daughter, Annie Gibson Nance.

In 1917 her brother Arch's wife, Helen, died leaving him with two daughters under 4. They moved in with Annie so that Nance coud look after the girls.

In 1919 der brother David's wife, Maggie died leaving him with three sons under five. Maggies sister, Jessie, moved in with them to mine the boys.This lasted until 1925 when Jessie married Ken Mellor.

In 1924 her sister Jessie Emmeline, Auntie Sis, married Charles Burnside. So in 1925 David and the boys moved in with Auntie Sis to their home in Arthur St. Prospect North.

In 1925 Uncle Gip and Auntie Nance along with Annie and Arch and the girls moved into the house in Bosanquet Ave. At this time Arch's two daughters Helen & Nancy along with Don's three boys, Don, Neil & Lloys were all attending Braund road school in Prospect, just a few blocks from their house in Bosanquet Ave, They all went home for lunch to Bosanquet ave. and the Auntie's used to read to them. Somewher dad commeted on this .

In 1938 Annie had a stroke so Auntie Sis & Uncle Charlie moved into Bosanquet to help Nance look after her.

In 1940 Effie's son Dougall , known as Bill moved in so he could attend Adelaide University.

In 1944 Uncle Gip died, he left the house to Auntie Nance and they stayed there till 1952.

In 1946 Annie died.

In 1952 Sis & Charlie moved into a house at Henley Beach , shorth]ly after Auntie Nance moved in as well. Unle Arch was due to move in but he died.

The next year David& Auntie Beat, bought a property at Cherryville in the Adelaide Hills. The "Black Sunday: fires in 1954 destroyed most of the property.

In 1957 Nance & Sis and Charlie moved up to Cherryville.

Nance died in 1963 and that prompted a move out of the hills for Dave & Beat and Sis and Charlie.They moved briefly to Joslin and then to Black Forest where they remained until their deaths in the early 70;s.