Allan Monteith Badger  

Allan Monteith 28/4/1880 - 11/7/1954

Allan Monteith BADGER 28/4/1880 - 11/7/1954
1906   . Gertrude Eleanor LININGTON b.1878 d. 1923
1907     GwendaLinington        
1909       Roderick Maxwell      
1914         Maida    
1919           Geoffrey David  
1923   Gertrude Dies          
1925             m. Emma PEARCE b.1890 d.1968
1931     m. Charles Albert SHEFFIELD b.1904 d.1937        
1932     Robert Allan        
1933     Donal Adrian        
1938       Linda WARE b.1911 d.1979      
          m. Samuel WHEATLAND b.1905 d.1962    
1942         Allan Earnest    
1945       Kevin Maxwell      
1946         m.Thelma Irene RULE b.1923  
1948           Lesley Gaye  
1951       Ian Roderick      
1952       Ian Dies   Graham Leith  
1954   Allan Dies       Grant Allan Loren  
1956     m. Harry COX Gregory John      
          m. Walter DINGLE    
1959           Robyn Erica  
1962         Samuel Dies    
1968             Emma Dies


Allan, the youngest of the surviving brothers, had the best time of all when at home. Financially things were easier and most of the children had left home. He was married twice, first to Gertrude Eleanor Livington and, after her death, to Emma Pearce. There were four children of the first marriage, two sons and two daughters. Details are given in the accompanying chart. His nephew Colin has provided the following comment:- ' Allan was never very successful. He became a traveller for a number of manufacturing firms and was probably paid by results or commission rather than by salary. At times he was unemployed but somehow always managed to find another job. He was a cheerful, outgoing, friendly man, always full of jokes and fun.' His niece Leila has added a comment on his love of music: 'He was very fond of music and played the trombone. We had many a happy evening at his home -Richard Kitson (the fiance of Gibson's eldest daughter N ance ) with his clarionet, Uncle with his trombone, me at the piano and everyone singing at the top of their voices.'