Badger Family Trees

English origins

David Badger1827-1890

William Clarence 1851 - 1914

Gibson 1853 - 1889

Alfred Westcott 1869-1945

Henry Arthur 1862-1943

Herbert James 1867-1947

Irvine Magnus 1874-1934

Cecil Samuel 1875-1955

Allan Monteith 1880-1954

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Spousal Family Trees





Grandchildren of Rev. David BADGER.

The Sett - Home of the Badgers

This page has nothing to do with the species Meles, but has all to do with the Badgers, centered on the Haddington, Scotland Badgers and especially the Reverend David Badger.

The basic structure hinges on the book "David Badger - Preacher, Pioneer, Patriach", written by Donald Gibson Badger his great grandson & my father.

The drop down menus at the top will need to be changed to allow for the greater scope of the web page and also because they do not work properly on an Ipad.

I will probably use the technique that I have done on the "S.A." page where the headings either side of the picture are hyperlinks.

Initially all the changes will occur on the S.A. page as that is where David lived the major part of his working life and raised his family.

Coloured squares on table below are links to various geographic stages of his life or links to his children..


Badger Family Trees

History of family trees.

Large Family Bible.

C64 - don & colin, neil & jim.



Original Family Tree drawn up by Thelma Irene BADGER (nee RULE)....LARGE SCROLLABLE VERSION.

Neat & Tidy Printed Version

Original Roneod Sheets used for developing family tree